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Michigan Life Sciences and Innovation Center tenant Velesco Pharma
Notable Alumni

Velesco Pharmaceutical Services

Velesco Pharmaceutical Services was founded by Pfizer pharmaceutical scientists from Michigan's former R&D facility. They are a CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls) contract research organization, specializing in analytical chemistry, drug formulation, clinical supply manufacture, and more. Velesco is now based in Wixom, MI with an additional facility in Kalamazoo, MI.
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Michigan Life Sciences and Innovation Center tenant Tissue Regeneration Systems
Notable Alumni

Tissue Regeneration Systems

Tissue Regeneration Systems (TRS) is developing and commercializing skeletal reconstruction and bone regeneration technologies (licensed from the Universities of Michigan and Wisconsin). The company's specific 3D printing scaffold technology was acquired in 2017 by DePuy Synthes Products, Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.
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Michigan Life Sciences and Innovation Center tenant RetroSense Therapeutics
Notable Alumni


RetroSense developed a type of gene therapy to restore vision in patients with blindness. The company and its technologies were acquired by Allergan in 2016.
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Michigan Life Sciences and Innovation Center tenant Lycera
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Lycera is focused on developing medicines for autoimmune disorders and cancers. Their novel treatments are based on small molecules designed to modulate immune system functions. The company has several locations, but is headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI.
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Michigan Life Sciences and Innovation Center tenant Esperion The Lipid Management Company
Notable Alumni

Esperion Therapeutics

One of MLSIC's original tenants, Esperion is now based in Ann Arbor, MI. A publicly-traded pharmaceutical company, their focus is on developing non-statin drugs that lower LDL-C - a type of "bad" cholesterol.
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Michigan Life Sciences and Innovation Center tenant Celsee
Notable Alumni

Celsee, Inc

Celsee, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets integrated comprehensive single-cell analysis solutions that can accurately identify, analyze, and retrieve viable cells directly from blood and tissue. In 2019, Celsee, Inc. opened their headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI.
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Michigan Life Sciences and Innovation Center tenant Algal Scientific
Notable Alumni

Algal Scientific

Algal Scientific developed technologies and processes to produce nutrients from algae and wastewater. Kemin Industries acquired their beta-glucan manufacturing technology. Company now based in Plymouth, MI.
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New Venture Cafe

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Notable Alumni

ClynProject Consulting

ClynProject Consulting brings a broad knowledge of experience across therapeutics areas. Established in 2017, and located in Southeastern Michigan. Specializing in clinical project management and clinical monitoring. Regionally based, and follows a business model that allows to offer quality professional services with low overhead at reasonable, competitive industry pricing.
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Michigan Life Sciences and Innovation Center tenant Delphinus Medical Technologies
Notable Alumni

Delphinus Medical Technologies

Delphinus' focus on early detection of breast cancer led them to the development of their 3D breast ultrasound technology, SoftVue(TM). They are now based in Novi, MI. The company began as a "spin-off" from the Karmanos Cancer Institute and Wayne State University.
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Michigan Life Sciences and Innovation Center tenant Stonebridge Coatings Laboratory, Inc
Notable Alumni


Stonebridge is an independent testing and development laboratory serving the coatings and related industries, offering project design and management, product development and testing, problem solving, competitive product testing and analysis, deformulation, failure analysis, and expert witness services. Specialties include architectural, industrial maintenance, industrial OEM, automotive refinish, and automotive OEM coatings.
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Michigan Life Sciences and Innovation Center tenant Biocrede
Notable Alumni


Established June 2012 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, Biocrede is dedicated to transforming lives via innovative biomedical solutions that restore health, extend life, and reduce hospitalization length for all types of patients through comprehensive research, design, development, manufacturing, and customer service. We are currently focusing on the research, development, and commercialization of next-generation solutions to reduce catheter-associated infections and dysfunction. Our responsibility is to make doctors, nurses, and patients the priority, and thus, we develop solutions and provide high-quality products and services with ethics. We are responsible to our employees, and it is our desire to see every employee achieve their highest potential by providing career counseling, training, education, and guidance with respect, dignity, and merit recognition. We strive to play an integral role in society and the communities in which we live by helping people globally lead healthier, more fulfilling lives and making decisions that protect the environment and natural resources. Our final responsibility is to our stockholders by making the business profitable.
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