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Chemical Dynamics

Chemical Dynamics is a full-service paint and coating product development and consulting firm that provides an array of services for the paints and coatings industries, their suppliers, customers, and coaters. Unique capabilities include contract product development of different types of compliant and rapid-cure “energy-saving” coatings such as: UV, near-IR curable, and coil coatings. Current coating development projects include the development of hydrophobic and superhydrophobic coatings; other recent accomplishments include patentable coatings which offer ultra-high emissivity (for IR heaters), low emissivity (energy-saving), low coefficient of friction, and coatings which encapsulate rust without prior surface preparation. In addition to offering a multitude of consulting services and expertise, we also offer a full range of analytical capabilities including reverse engineering of formulations, failure analysis, identification of contaminants, surface analysis, problem solving, accelerated lab testing, methods development, litigation, and expert witness support.
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