Established June 2012 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, Biocrede is dedicated to transforming lives via innovative biomedical solutions that restore health, extend life, and reduce hospitalization length for all types of patients through comprehensive research, design, development, manufacturing, and customer service. We are currently focusing on the research, development, and commercialization of next-generation solutions to reduce catheter-associated infections and dysfunction. Our responsibility is to make doctors, nurses, and patients the priority, and thus, we develop solutions and provide high-quality products and services with ethics. We are responsible to our employees, and it is our desire to see every employee achieve their highest potential by providing career counseling, training, education, and guidance with respect, dignity, and merit recognition. We strive to play an integral role in society and the communities in which we live by helping people globally lead healthier, more fulfilling lives and making decisions that protect the environment and natural resources. Our final responsibility is to our stockholders by making the business profitable.
Accelerated Biosimilar Antibodies
 BioSavita is focused on rapidly bringing new biosimilar medicines to patients in partnership with biopharmaceutical companies. We have developed proprietary genetically engineered strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast and Twin Cassette™ yeast expression platform are available for licensing to biopharma companies and academic laboratories for research and production purposes. We can also produce other companies’ recombinant proteins for them. To date, six of the top twenty biopharma companies have licensed our yeast production platform.
Chemical Dynamics is a full-service paint and coating product development and consulting firm that provides an array of services for the paints and coatings industries, their suppliers, customers, and coaters. Unique capabilities include contract product development of different types of compliant and rapid-cure “energy-saving” coatings such as: UV, near-IR curable, and coil coatings. Current coating development projects include the development of hydrophobic and superhydrophobic coatings; other recent accomplishments include patentable coatings which offer ultra-high emissivity (for IR heaters), low emissivity (energy-saving), low coefficient of friction, and coatings which encapsulate rust without prior surface preparation. In addition to offering a multitude of consulting services and expertise, we also offer a full range of analytical capabilities including reverse engineering of formulations, failure analysis, identification of contaminants, surface analysis, problem solving, accelerated lab testing, methods development, litigation, and expert witness support.
With its commitment to quality services and qualified, experienced consultants, ClynProject Consulting brings a broad knowledge of experience across therapeutics areas. Our mission at ClynProject Consulting is to provide clients within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, CRO, and site industries with quality clinical project management and clinical monitoring services. Our Commitment at ClynProject Consulting is committed to the recognition of clinical research professionals for their proven quality workmanship and established expertise in multiple areas. We value each professional for his or her diverse experience and background within the clinical research industry and strive to offer each individual stimulating and rewarding projects that best suit their professional experience and areas of expertise. Our Consultants at ClynProject Consulting will provide these services with qualified, experienced professionals who have broad clinical research and therapeutic experience. ClynProject Consulting’s professional staff is dedicated to the overall excellence of each clinical research project. We actively collaborate with clients to ensure the highest quality data and study conduct that is critical for decision-making, regulatory, and market approval.
Esperovax is carrying out research and development on a novel method of delivering vaccinations orally. Vaccine injections must be administered by healthcare professionals, and needles may literally scare children and parents away. Esperovax hopes to become a global leader by developing oral tablets/capsules that can be more widely accessible, and could benefit remote populations that may not have access to typical healthcare providers.
Lactocore is in the early preclinical stage of developing peptide-based therapeutics for a range of depression and anxiety disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder, and treatment-resistant depression (TRD). Through a proprietary processing of whey and casein from bovine milk, Lactocore identified a heretofore unknown family of biologically active peptides. The company is using an approach of rational drug design against carefully selected CNS (central nervous system) targets, ensuring highly specific and efficient peptide drug candidates. For more information on the science, research, and development behind Lactocore, visit our website.

The Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America (MPVA) is a chapter of the Washington, D.C.-based Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA).

The mission of MPVA is to enhance the lives of veterans with spinal cord injury or disease, as well as all citizens with disabilities, by advocating for civil rights, assuring quality health care, supporting continued research and education, and encouraging independence and healthy living through various health, sports and recreational programs. Our main objective is to better quality of life for all American citizens.

The MPVA has 3 types of members: life members, or veterans with spinal cord injury or disease; associate members, or anyone who believes in the MPVA's mission, but are not eligible for life membership; and corporate members, which are corporations and other nonprofit organizations who support MPVA.

In addition, we loan items such as walkers, wheel chairs, power chairs, canes, etc. These items are available to anyone in need, free of charge (you do not have to be a veteran).

To become a member, or for more information, please check out our website!

Milad Pharmaceutical Consulting offers pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic analysis, clinical pharmacology expertise, and drug development strategy. Development of new medicine is streamlined by improving the efficiency of the pre-IND phase to Phase II by applying 22 years of drug development experience coupled with pharmacokinetic and exposure response analysis. Optimal design of the drug development program and studies ensure the availability of essential data needed to drive timely decision-making to achieve business and regulatory goals.

Penrose Therapeutx is a chemistry-driven pharmaceutical company that employs a mechanistic and rational approach in bringing oncologic solutions to the patients of today and tomorrow.

The company was founded by a group of individuals who value beneficence above all else. Penrose Therapeutx’s intellectual property will allow an unprecedented drug discovery platform in the area of oncology that views cancer as a pathological redox disease.

At Penrose Therapeutx, our goal is to improve cancer-related outcomes that are accompanied by unmatched safety and a cost-effective profile for patients and their families.

At Resinate, we are committed to advancing the use of recycled content in specialty polyols, the backbone of materials such as coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers and foams.

We use proprietary technology to capture, process, and upcycle spent molecules to create high-performance polyester polyols, deterring landfill waste and extending the lifecycle of valuable natural resources. Resinate® green polyols are made with up to 100% recycled and renewable content and deliver product and cost performance that is comparable or superior to conventional specialty polyols.

Sierra Oncology is a clinical stage drug development company advancing next generation DNA damage response (DDR) therapeutics for the treatment of patients with cancer.
Single Source Procurement is a full-service life sciences instrument and supply room management company. We work with supported companies because we feel that they offer the customer the best value or have a unique market niche that is critical for customer needs. Our supported companies provide us with discounted pricing so that we keep a low overhead that allows us to be an extremely low-cost option to an in-house purchasing staff.

SRI International is a nonprofit, independent research and innovation center serving government and industry. We provide basic and applied research, laboratory and advisory services, technology development and licenses, deployable systems, products, and venture opportunities.

Our research and innovations have led to new industries and products that impact people’s lives every day – from the computer mouse and interactive computing to medical ultrasound, cancer treatment drugs, and much more.

SRI bridges the critical gap between research universities or national laboratories and industry. We move R&D from the laboratory to the marketplace to create high-value and real innovation. The platforms we build today are designed to meet tomorrow’s needs. For example, an artificial intelligence project for DARPA led to the development of Apple’s Siri.

SRI works on some of the world’s most important problems, collaborating across technical disciplines to spark new ideas and solutions. We believe in open innovation, bringing the best talent to the challenge at hand.

Starkweather Laboratories provides select analytical, mechanical, and physical property testing for users, manufacturers and formulators of coatings, adhesives, polymers and specialty chemicals. Our team of scientists, chemists and technicians is ready to assist you with best-in-class industry techniques, analytical instrumentation and 8,200 square feet of lab space. We deliver fast, accurate results with competitive pricing.

Because our team comes from the biggest names in the industry, we understand your challenges and have the expertise to not only identify, but assist in solving them.

Stonebridge is an independent testing and development laboratory serving the coatings and related industries, offering project design and management, product development and testing, problem solving, competitive product testing and analysis, deformulation, failure analysis, and expert witness services. Specialties include architectural, industrial maintenance, industrial OEM, automotive refinish, and automotive OEM coatings.

Tespo is a health and wellness technology monthly subscription company focused on providing quality supplements to consumers in a daily liquid serving.

ViaDerm, LLC. adds a new approach to avoiding catheter-relation infection.


Vital Labs manufactures vitamins and supplements and provides custom manufacturing solutions which follow GMP and FDA best practices.

WellMetrix™ uses metabolomics - the science of measuring metabolic efficiency - to guide you to better health, longevity, and quality of life.​

Our technology analyzes your unique metabolic profile, measuring indicators of the state of your overall health and showing how lifestyle choices (like exercise and nutrition) impact levels of oxidative stress, systemic inflammation, and other key biomarkers.

WellMetrix personalizes the pursuit of optimal health by helping you understand your unique health baseline, and where to focus your attention next.

Maintaining eye health and preventing eye disease is the mission of Zietchick Research Institute, LLC (ZRI). ZRI was founded in 2012 by Dr. Tammy Zietchick Movsas, MD, MPH. Her background in pediatric ophthalmology and maternal epidemiology inspired a novel idea that pregnancy-related hormones can affect the development of the infant eye, as well as contribute to eye problems encountered during pregnancy.

Zietchick Research Institute is developing novel therapeutics to treat diabetic retinopathy and retinopathy of prematurity (ROP); in other words, eye disorders that affect diabetics and preterm infants.

ZIVO Bioscience, Inc., a U.S.-based R&D firm, is dedicated to the study, development, and commercialization of natural nutritional compounds and bioactive molecules derived from proprietary algal strains. The ZIVO strain is derived from a naturally occurring algae, which has never been cultivated or consumed by humans or animals. The derivative compounds and mixtures can be extraordinarily complex and dynamic in nature.

In addition to exceptional nutritional qualities, our compounds exhibit properties that, when properly applied, can yield significant results in supporting a healthy immune response and related metabolic functions, among other beneficial effects.